Thursday, November 6, 2008

What about Bob?

File this under "WTF?" We here at MaxRx knew the Enzyte Owner was in hot water and going to prison for 25 years! What we later discovered is nothing short of shocking!

Steve Warshak the owner and his 75 year old mother are going to jail. Testimonies from some employees including the CFO include the company would not " opt people out " of their re bill program. Would not allow people to cancel their order and will not allow people to return/refund.

On top of that; the owner made their customers get a notarized letter from their doctor to prove there have been no changes!!! WTF????

I am sorry but this is just unacceptable on many fronts. MaxRx is proud to say we don't run and or operate this way.

Here is what we do and don't do:

  • We allow returns no questions asked
  • We allow order cancellations at anytime
  • We DON'T put you on an automatic re bill EVER!
  • We don't make you go to a DR to to prove anything. All you have to do is ask!

MaxRx has been around as long as Enzyte and have prided ourselves on not selling out just to make a buck. No hidden fees or scams. Simply try our product and if you like it great if you dont then thats fine too. Discretion and respect is our philosphy!

Screw Bob! Maximize Natures Power today with MaxRx!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to MaxRx Blog Spot

Hello and welcome to Max-Rx's new web-site. The site and the blog are new but we are not. We have been around for 8 years and we plan on being around another 8 or more!

There are many companies that come and go in this industry and very few have such 'staying power' ( pun intended)

We will continually update this section with latest industry news, reviews and specials.

So come on back and see what's new in Natural Male Enhancement.